The white grape varieties at KALIAN

The four grape varieties of the white vineyard of KALIAN are:


The Sémillon represents nearly 78% of the white grape varieties at KALIAN.

It is a mid-season variety whose yield must be limited by high density plantings and moderate rainfall. Its thick skin gives it a good resistance to Botrytis cinerea, ensuring noble rot starts at a good level of ripeness.

It gives variable aromas according to the type of soil: lemon and white peach on limestone soils and

fresh apricot and orange on gravel soils. Moreover, when it is affected by noble rot, it gives off aromas of dried apricot, candied citrus fruits and

exotic fruits.

It is truly "the" essential grape variety for the production of great sweet wines as it also provides structure and volume.

Sauvignon Blanc

The Sauvignon Blanc represents nearly 15% of the white vineyard at KALIAN. It is used both in the sweet wines of KALIAN but also in the production of Bergerac Sec wines.

This grape variety is known worldwide for its specific aromas. Sometimes "green/vegetal" (broom, boxwood, blackcurrant bud), sometimes "tropical" or even "smoky", Sauvignon Blanc brings freshness and tangy notes to KALIAN's


KALIAN's Bergerac Sec wines are produced predominantly with Sauvignon Blanc.


Muscadelle represents 6 % of the white grape

varieties of KALIAN.

Muscadelle is a variety with great aromatic finesse that can brings a lot of complexity to the blend. However, it has been neglected by producers (often <3% in the final blend) because it is more sensitive to disease (grey rot in particular). Without

special attention from the winegrower, Muscadelle will only correctly develop noble rot 1/4 to 1/3 of vintages.

We are particularly fond of this grape variety, a fondness which is truly “deserved” every year. In certain vintages we even produce a Monbazillac “Variation Muscadelle” where the grape variety represents more than 80% of the final blend.

Chenin Blanc

Finally, the Chenin Blanc represents 1% of the white vineyard of KALIAN.

Chenin Blanc is marked by acidity, and the wines obtained are generally lively, nervous and elegant.

Planted for the first time in 2019 on a clay limestone terroir with a strong presence of flint, we

strongly believe in its potential to bring freshness and complexity to our final blends, in both sweet and dry wines. We believe there could be potential for making a KALIAN sparkling wine in the near future.

"Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation"

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